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what is hyaluronplasty?

Enter the world of
non-invasive anti-aging

Your skin is unique – it needs unique care.

When you receive a hyaluronplasty treatment, we optimize the level of hyaluronic acid in your skin, which means that you will feel the lifting effect right after the treatment. Expect long-term, active hydration, which will cause substantial structural changes even in the deepest layers of your skin. This means that not only will you seem younger, the biological age of your skin will actually decrease!

Injection-free hyaluronplasty is the cutting edge in the anti-aging solutions of our time! After the treatment you can say good-bye to the following skin problems:







sagging skin


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treatment steps

We show you the steps of the treatment

In the first step, the beautician asks the customer targeted questions: allergy, any sensitivity experienced earlier, any chronic disease, any medicines taken, skin care habits, any cosmetic or cosmetology treatment received, water consumption, etc. 

She will find out from the responses and the symptoms visible or palpable on the skin what is the given skin type and what is the momentary condition of the skin.

In light of all these, she will recommend cosmetic treatments or home care products.

In this stage we first clean the skin of any impurities and make-up by cleansing milk. Then we apply a lotion containing hyaluronic acid and papain enzyme, which is also an efficient cleansing and defatting agent, softens the skin and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin.

Peeling is an important part of preparations, during which the dead cell rows of the epidermis are loosened and removed.

It is important that this step should be gentle but efficient.

This is done by the application of the vials and the serum product and by using a peel off mask.

The first vial contains the destructured hyaluronic acid of small molecule size, which is so tiny that it can penetrate unimpeded the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin.

The second one contains the structuring peptides, glycoproteins that ensure its long term utilization in the skin, the implementation of the biorevitalizing effect. The regulatory peptides included among the ingredients of the serum supplement the effect of the vials, in addition, this product already starts hydrating by layer, in the upper layers of the dermis and the lowest layers of the epidermis.

This is followed by the application of the mask, which also contains a high amount of hyaluronic acid and minerals, it remineralizes the tissues of the skin, while by its mechanical effect it enhances the incorporation of the materials applied earlier into the target structure – in the intracellular matrix of the connective tissue.

The small molecule size of the agents enable easy and fast penetration, but this same property may cause them to diffuse backwards, therefore it is important to apply a kind of “sealing” in the appropriate layer of the skin to prevent that, preferably within the deeper layers of the epidermis.

This is done by using a special product developed for this purpose, as the last step of the treatment. Owing to the composition of their ingredients, they synergistically supplement the effect of the earlier steps of the treatment.

The well-chosen professional treatments could provide very spectacular results, but they cannot substitute regular, everyday home skincare, which can also be considered as the continuation at home of the treatment provided in the beauty shop. Our skincare routine includes appropriate cleansing, the application of night and day creams, location-specific care of areas with special needs (rim of the eyes, neck, cleavage).

If justified by the age or the condition of the skin of the customer, then we apply special serum products with a high concentration of the agent, under the cream.

real skin renewal – the art of anti-aging

Long-term and qualitative change on the entire facial skin

After the treatment has been applied, a process of full tissue regeneration will begin, the biological age of the skin will decrease. The skin’s own hyaluronic acid producing capability normalizes, it becomes more flexible, tighter. The pores become much smaller and pigment spots, those telltale signs of aging, will also fade. View our gallery presenting our results.

Hyaluronplasty: 1 occasion

Client age: 63  


  • the skin around the eyes is firmer and more hydrated
  • reduced pingmentation
  • decrease in the depth of wrinkles

Hyaluronplasty: 4 occasions

Client age: 47


” On the eyebrows, scuffles and static wrinkles faded, and their depths were noticeably reduced “

Hyaluronplasty: 2 occasions

Client age: 47 



Decreased depth of wrinkles on:

  • forehead
  • eye region
  • nasal-lip area


All you have to do is select a beauty salon from the map, or enter the name of the city where you are staying into the search window, and we will immediately show the beauty salon closest to you.

After that, make your reservation and we will send to you the contact details of the beauty salon by email.

Treatment lis price: 130 EUR

One-time trial price: 91 EUR