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what is REGENERating treatment?


Significantly more youthful appearance in
45 minutes

Your skin is unique and special – choose a matching face treatment.

During the Regeneration treatment we nourish your skin with valuable substances and hyaluronic acid, a substance with a uniquely low molecule weight – this ensures that your skin smoothes out, becomes hydrated, any red spots will fade and your skin will also be more resistant to environmental impacts. This is a risk-free and painless process that takes 45 minutes.

The treatment addresses the following problems:


red spots

dry skin

irritated skin

treatment steps

Regeneration treatment process

In the first step, the beautician asks the customer targeted questions: allergy, any sensitivity experienced earlier, any chronic disease, any medicines taken, skin care habits, any cosmetic or cosmetology treatment received, water consumption, etc.  She will find out from the responses and the symptoms visible or palpable on the skin what is the given skin type and what is the momentary condition of the skin. 

In light of all these, she will recommend cosmetic treatments or home care products.

In this stage we first clean the skin of any impurities and make-up by cleansing milk.  Then we apply a lotion containing hyaluronic acid and papain enzyme, which is also an efficient cleansing and defatting agent, softens the skin and removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. 

Peeling is an important part of preparations, during which the dead cell rows of the epidermis are loosened and removed.  It is important that this step should be gentle but efficient.


We start the application of the active substances by our RS Peptide Matrix Pumping Serum product, which instantly nourishes dry skin by its Hyaluronic acid content, and keeps it in your skin owing to its special composition, thereby launching the regenerative, cell-renewing functions. This is a fantastic feeling, since your skin will start getting full of life almost instantly – it is hypoallergenic, so you can be sure that no allergic reaction will happen.

This is followed by the placement of the AM pro alginate chameleon mask – its color will change during application. It works as a kind of incubator – under the mask the regenerative processes happen more efficiently, while your skin will feel nice and cool.

This is probably the most pleasant and relaxing part of the treatment, since you need to spend 15 minutes wearing the mask.

So owing to their small molecule size, the agents penetrated your skin fast and deep – but the same characteristics may cause them to diffuse backwards, therefore it is important to apply a kind of “closure” in the appropriate layer of the skin to prevent that. This is done by using a special product developed for this purpose, as the last step of the treatment.

Owing to the composition of their ingredients, they supplement and enhance the effect of the earlier steps of the treatment. The treatment takes 45 minutes and every step of it feels nice and pleasant.

We recommend a special serum type product for home care after the treatment, whose mode of action supplements the effect of the treatment and helps maintain it in the longer-term. This product provides hydration and exerts a similar impact on the mimic muscles as the vial applied in the treatment, while it also contains anti-aging antioxidant substances. Since every skin is different, we suggest that you always select the cosmetics to be used for home care upon the recommendation of your beautician.


Delaying the processes of aging, painlessly

Regeneration treatment is an excellent choice if you are also convinced that prevention is the best solution. We recommend it from the age of 24 already, since delaying the processes of aging means that your skin will remain youthful and elastic for a long time – without any kind of painful and expensive treatment.

HYAMATRIX treatments are always painless, they even feel pleasant. You can relax while the bioactive substances will resolve several problems in the long term. This is science. Try it on yourself.


We would like you to try our treatment, so if you choose a beauty shop now from the map, we give you a discount of 35% off the price of the Regeneration treatment!

List price of the treatment: 60 EUR

Special trial price: 39 EUR