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Hexamatrix treatment

In addition to hyaluronic acid, which regenerates and hydrates the tissues, during the treatment we also apply  hexapeptide-8 agent into the deeper layers, which is a so-called botox analogue substance responsible for the relaxation of mimic muscles. Thanks to that, your skin becomes much more youthful even during one treatment.

Injection-free hyaluronplasty treatment

Expect long-term, active hydration, which will cause substantial structural changes even in the deepest layers of your skin. This means that not only will you seem younger, the biological age of your skin will actually decrease!

Regeneration treatment

During the Regeneration treatment we nourish your skin with valuable substances and hyaluronic acid, a substance with a uniquely low molecule weight – this ensures that your skin smoothes out, becomes hydrated, any red spots will fade and your skin will also be more resistant to environmental impacts. This is a risk-free and painless process that takes 45 minutes.

Eye-rim treatment

It is recommended as a treatment of the sensitive skin around the eyes, for addressing special problems, for those who mainly seek a solution for addressing the problems occurring in this area. This treatment moisturizes, feeds, regenerates, re-mineralizes in just a few steps, when applied as a treatment regimen, it improves the tissue structure and metabolism of the skin.

Photoaging treatment

The aim of the treatment is powerful and spectacular hydration, alleviation of the inflammatory processes, improvement of the general condition of the skin, which make the skin more resistant to environmental impacts.

Biomatrix treatment

A treatment that makes the cosmetic, cosmetological microneedling and ablation treatments spectacularly more efficient and safer, such as:

  • dermapen, dermaroller
  • dermabrasion treatments
  • laser processes
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