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Sunscreen cream with hyaluronic acid

69 £


It is the latest innovation of Hyamatrix

  • provides full protection for the skin even against increased UV radiation
  • inhibits the water loss of the skin
  • actively moisturizing
  • meanwhile, it provides pleasant comfort during whole day
  • without white signs on the skin or on clothes

sizes: 15 ml and 50ml







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Invisible shield against UVA, UVB and TEWL thanks to the patented GalShield® technology.

Nowadays it is well-known that, in the background of skin aging, the harmful effects of sunlight and light-damage play one of the most important roles.

Increased UV radiation causes problems in the functioning of the skin cells in the epithelization and pigmentation processes, damages proteins, lipids, connective tissue fibers, thus prevent the perfect regeneration and induces the formation of harmful free radicals in the tissue.
Appearing Symptoms are the inflammatory processes, as a long procces the thinning of the epithelium, dehydrated and decreased elasticity of dermis, wrinkles and pigmentation disorders.


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