Invisible shield against UVA, UVB and TEWL

thanks to the patented GalShield® technology


  • provides full protection for the skin even against increased UV radiation
  • inhibits the water loss of the skin
  • actively moisturizing
  • meanwhile, it provides pleasant comfort during whole day


Nowadays it is well-known that, in the background of skin aging, the harmful effects of sunlight and light-damage play one of the most important roles.

Increased UV radiation causes problems in the functioning of the skin cells in the epithelization and pigmentation processes, damages proteins, lipids, connective tissue fibers, thus prevent the perfect regeneration and induces the formation of harmful free radicals in the tissue.

Appearing Symptoms are the inflammatory processes, as a long procces the thinning of the epithelium, dehydrated and decreased elasticity of dermis, wrinkles and pigmentation disorders.


HYAMATRIX Sunscreen with hyaluronic acid contains a special combination of sunscreen agents
(Galaxy “GalShield®” AB UV Care)

Provides high, stable and long-lasting protection against both UVA and UVB radiation, thus inhibiting tissue damage in the epithelium and deeper layers of connective tissue.

This effect is increased by the content of vitamin E, which also protects against harmful effects of light, thus inhibiting the formation of free radicals.

Moisturizing, antioxidant and inflammatory processes are inhibited by the presence of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

Lipids that forming the basis of the cream provide stability, do not change their quality ether with the affect of strong light, and inhibit the increased water loss.

The product provides a high level of protection of face skin against light-damages, prevent sunburn damage and premature aging of skin tissues.

Soft texture cream, leaving no greasy feeling on the skin.


Recommended for daytime use, for all skin types.
Apply to the cleansed skin with soft, smoothing movements.


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